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S. A. / G.A.W. (Springfield Armory / George A. Woody)

George A. Woody leaves Springfield Armory in August 1944, and dies on November 30th of that year. It is widely believed that his stamps remained in use until March of 1945. This is a period where both NFR and GAW stamps are likely in use simultaneously. Generally I find that Col. Woody's death was unexpected, and occurred in August '44, but according to the records at Arlington National Cemetery, he passed on 11/30/44. 

  • S/N Approx. 1,800,000-3,272,000 

  • S/N Approx. 3,272,000-3,672,442  (both GAW & NFR likely used in this period) 

  • Circled 'P' proof mark with serifs on the pistol grip 

  • Ordnance Wheel with Crossed Cannons .437" in diameter. 

  • Small .188" Ordnance Wheel stamped on the bottom of the pistol grip.

  • Flat/Straight Cut Clip Latch Cut Out

  • Observed with both large and small Ordnance Wheels. 

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Small Wheel GAW Verified Cartouche from my personal collection

Rare Large Wheel GAW

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