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S. A. / N.F.R.  & S. A. / G.A.W. Double Stamp


(Springfield Armory / George A. Woody)

(Springfield Armory / Norman F. Ramsey).


These stocks show up after George A Woody passes away in August of '44. 

Cartouche double stamped stocks are relatively uncommon, there are reports of many different types, generally thought to have been rebuilt during the war. 

Regarding the GAW/NFR, to the best of my knowledge no one living knows the precise circumstances as to how they came about. 

Generally we see two schools of thought:

  • These may have been rifles that were unissued that were recalled for a second inspection.

  • These were double stamped intentionally in remembrance of G.A.W. 


GAW/NFR From My Personal collection, stock was originally from the collection of Scott Duff. 

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