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S. A. / S.H.M. (Springfield Armory / Steven H. McGregor).

S/N 3,870,000 - 3,888,081 June 21, 1945 - November 1945 & post war rebuilds.

  • Circled 'P' proof mark with serifs on the pistol grip 

  • Observed With and without Ordnance Wheel with Crossed Cannons .437" in diameter. 

  • Small .188" Ordnance Wheel stamped on the bottom of the pistol grip.

  • Flat/Straight Cut Clip Latch Cut Out

  • Ordnance Wheel with Crossed Cannons. The wheel was .437" in diameter.

This is the last SA cartouche of WW2. It is most commonly seen in the post war rebuild period. It is reported that some stocks in the SN range will also have the N.F.R. Cartouche.


Verified Cartouche Courtesy G. Cassidy


Verified Cartouche From Personal Collection

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