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S. A. / J.L.G. (Springfield Armory / James L. Guidon).

Version 1 Early Hand Stamp Cartouche

  • Found on 1950's early rebuilds. 

Version 2 

S/N 4,200,000-4,350,000 July 1950- September 1953

  • Circled 'P' proof mark with serifs on the pistol grip 

  • Observed With and without Ordnance Wheel with Crossed Cannons .437" in diameter. 

  • Flat/Straight Cut Clip Latch Cut Out

  • Ordnance Wheel with Crossed Cannons. The wheel was .437" in diameter.

Information from Scott Duff:

After Col. Guion took command of SA in July 1950, overhauled M1 rifles "were (hand) stamped "SA/JLG" on the stocks left side. A similar final inspection stamp was also used on newly made M1s when the production line reopened in the early 1950's. When the new M1 production began, use of the "SA/JLG" rebuild stamp ceased and was replaced by a rebuild stamp consisting of ""SA" often enclosed in a three or four cornered box. Many of these stamps also had a one or two letter code to identify the inspector who supervised the procedure. This "SA" rebuild stamp was most commonly applied to the left side of the butt."


JLG Hand Stamp.png

Photo Courtesy Roger Hitchcock


Photo From My Personal Collection

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