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S. A. / N.F.R. (Springfield Armory / Norman F. Ramsey).

S/N 3,272,000-3,888,081 November 1944- November 1945

  • Circled 'P' proof mark with serifs on the pistol grip 

  • Ordnance Wheel with Crossed Cannons .437" in diameter. 

  • Small .188" Ordnance Wheel stamped on the bottom of the pistol grip.

  • Flat/Straight Cut Clip Latch Cut Out

  • Ordnance Wheel with Crossed Cannons. The wheel was .437" in diameter.

  • On rare occasions it has been verified that the small pistol grip cross cannon is absent. This is rare and the cause is unknown. Light strikes are also noted that may have disappeared over time. 

Verified Cartouche Courtesy Rick B.

Verified Cartouche 

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